Sanibel Fishing

Hello all, among the many activities available to visitors of the Sanibel area, fishing ranks among the top in my book. From talking to owners and visitors alike, I’ve become aware that fishing the beach in front of the Ocean’s Reach condominiums can be especially productive certain times of the year. In May, a couple that has come to Sanibel Island for many years told me that they have fished in May from shore at night and found beach fishing to be very productive. They chose Ocean’s Reach this year because it is so close to the ocean and easier for them to access the fishing opportunities found on the beach. Also, a friend and fellow condo owner brings his sons down in the fall every year and fishes from shore, among his catches include: Snook, Shark (some very large!!!), as well as many other species. The fishing oppurtunities available at the beach provide an easy, relaxing, and fun experience for family and friends without the need to rent or charter a boat to access the open water. We welcome any insights, comments, or additional information regarding charter services, personal fishing guides, or local “hot spots.” Keep your sails full and your lines tight!

Dale Scharine