Fish Stories from the Bumgarners

Sam Bumgarner and son Chris (from California) spend “fishing week” at Ocean’s Reach each year. They do the Gulf fishing in the morning and grill at night. Their culinary skills netted that great wilted lettuce salad, fish kabobs and short ribs that I blogged about several days ago. Read below their short story about their fishing trip on the great gulf.

“These photos were taken about 1/2 mile out from Ocean’s Reach while fishing with guide Pat Lovetro. The fish was a black-tipped shark. The other photo with the bent rod held a tarpon, unfortunately, only briefly. My son and I have shared this Father-Son week of fishing for 20 years and this is the first year we did not “boat” a tarpon. There were plenty, just no hungry ones!! We are already looking forward next year!!”