The Key West Express

Ready for a fun filled time on Key West – just pack a small bag and head to there by way of The Key West Express. This is a high speed passenger ferry that departs Fort Myers Beach every morning at 8:30 AM and arrives at Key West at 12:30 PM. The ride is very pleasant and upon arrival on Key West the choice of activities is varied. Key West is the Southernmost city in the continental United States and it is home to many festivals, fishing tournaments and the annual Hemmingway Days. Louise Parker and Dick Carlen recently visited Key West and took an opportunity to explore the island on a scooter – great way to get around the small island. Also available to enjoy are the tours of the Truman Winter White House, Ernest Hemmingway’s home, complete with at least 60 cats, half of them polydactyl, meaning many- toed and the tram tours that cover the island. There are a variety of accommodations available from hotels to B & B’s. Needless to say there are many shops and lots places to eat and drink, ranging from bar food to gourmet dining. Not to be missed is the nightly sunset event complete with entertainment and lots of vendors selling their wares. If you only have the day to enjoy the island, the return trip leaves Key West each evening at 6:00 PM and arrives at Fort Myers Beach at 9:45 PM. Key West is a fun experience and this is an island that never seems to sleep – Duval Street is where it is happening! View the Key West Express here!