An Ocean’s Reach Family Portrait, 1976

The Goertemiller Family, 1976

Thank you for letting me share with my Ocean’s Reach friends and family a picture of the Goertemillers taken over the Christmas holiday in 1976 at Ocean’s Reach—Dru, Lyn, Kurt, Mother and Dad. I remember this trip to Sanibel and those tee shirts Mother made as if it were yesterday.

This is a very special photo to me as it is one of our family’s first of many visits to OR (when OR was just two years old) as guests –and later owners– and a loving tribute to my mother who passed away recently and to my dad who today celebrates 58 years of marriage to my mother! Sanibel was my parent’s favorite family destination spot throughout the years and continues to be the ultimate relaxation spot for my dad.

My siblings and I miss my mother more and more each day as memories resurface, needs go unspoken and the reality of her absence sets in. She was the epicenter of our extended families, a very pretty woman (as you can see), creative and fun loving. We never made an important decision without her!

Thanks, Mother and Dad, for introducing all of us kids to Ocean’s Reach and Sanibel when we were snowbound in the Buckeye state and for the values passed along of hard work, good financial management and the dreams and rewards of condo ownership on a sunny, warm beach that we are fortunate to experience today.

My dad, brother and sister also want to thank the owners, staff and winter guests at Ocean’s Reach who reached out overwhelmingly to us during my mother’s illness and death with their kindness and caring.

Happy Anniversary, Daddy!