Hello to All at the Sanibel Blog

Hi! I am Roxanne and a frequent guest at Ocean’s Reach, which I love! I thought I would share one of my recent blog posts with you, as I’ve mentioned the beauty of and care of Ocean’s Reach a few times in my blog ( which I just started a couple of months ago ). Anyway, I think the photos are pretty and I hope you enjoy!

Always Dreaming……(the name of the blog as I am always dreaming of Sanibel!)

I will share more photos of my beloved Sanibel Island and Ocean’s Reach.

This one is the pathway to the beach again. I just think they have the prettiest walkways. You have the soft peach of the building, the greens of the bushes and tress and then the vibrant colors of the flowers blooming mixed with the white of the pool gate and the turquoise of the ocean on the horizon…sigh….can you tell where I want to be….LOL!

Heaven on earth…can you hear the gentle lapping of the waves and feel the soft ocean breezes?

That’s my umbrella you see in the distance. One of these days I will have a permanent umbrella perched on this island beach somewhere. Until then I have my vacations and my photos to tide me over…….hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Roxanne Reinhart”

Wow! Great blog post Roxanne! Thank from all of us at Ocean’s Reach sharing.