Recipes for Relaxation

What’s Your Recipe for Relaxation?

We’ve learned so much from our guests who are responding to our new online survey. If you haven’t checked the results of our “question of the month” recently, Ocean’s Reach guests favor “shelling” and “relaxation” as their top Sanibel Island vacation activities. Surprised? We were. While we knew that our guests regularly arrive with symptoms of island withdrawal, we were caught unaware with how popular shelling is and continues to be to our guests.

 While it is fun to learn what others are doing and saying about their trip to Ocean’s Reach– after all, I’m sure there is a lot in common among our guest list (Most of you are here for the small town sanctuary feel of the island, the proximity of Ocean’s Reach to the beach, and the direct gulf front views and now the updated condo décor, conveniences and furnishings.)–there is a business side to our asking. If shelling is so popular, how can Ocean’s Reach provide a better shelling experience for you?

Or, if relaxing is your main reason to be at Ocean’s Reach, are we providing the best relaxation experience possible for you? A frequent guest to Ocean’s Reach emailed me recently thanking me for her “pre-arrival” letter, saying that she was counting the “weeks, days, hours and seconds” before she arrived at OR. She complimented me on the online poll, saying that she was a “relaxer” who regularly enjoys her favorite “piece of paradise” on Sanibel. However, she said that the favored activities in her family were not included in the poll—birding and photography. So, I am opening up a new poll question, “How do you relax on Sanibel?” by asking for your help in providing sample answers. So, how DO you relax on Sanibel?

Please provide your answers over the next week to me by posting to this blog. We will take a sampling of your answers and include them in the December poll. And if you haven’t voted to our current polls, make sure you do. Your vote counts. �
And you might just be rewarded like our shellers will be—with a new shelling station at Ocean’s Reach!!

Dru Anne Doyle  11/26/08