Sanibel Author Holly Moulder

Meet Holly Moulder as she sits on the porch of the Sanibel Bookshop located on Periwinkle Way . Holly is the author of “A Cord of Three Strands”, which is soon to be released as a movie. If at all possible, purchase a copy and read before it comes out. It is a remarkable story set in 1838 about a young 13 year-old Cherokee Indian boy named John, and his journey on the march of the forced removal of the Cherokee Indians to the Oklahoma Territory. This march was to become known as the Trail of Tears. A 12 year-old runaway slave girl named Annie is headed North to freedom by the way of the Underground Railroad. How the two meet and later become involved with Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer, who would become the President of the United States is a riveting tale for all ages.

This is the second book Holly Moulder has written. The first one is titled “Eyes of the Calusa” and tells of a young Calusa Indian girl named Mara. Her story begins as a normal little girl living the life of her day, until she is captured by pirates and continuing with her amazing story of survival with the pirates, being sold as a slave at the Slave Auction and all the while struggling to escape to freedom.

Holly Moulder taught elementary school in Newnan, Georgia for 21 years and lives with her husband Don, in Sharpsburg, Georgia.

Be sure to stop by the Sanibel Bookshop to pick up copies of these two books and while you are there, take the time to browse the over 25,000 other titles. The Sanibel Bookshop is a great place to spend any free time.

Ask about the history of the beautiful handcrafted bowl Holly is proudly displaying!