How Do You Stay Fit On Sanibel?

Sanibel provides many opportunities for exercise. The beaches each day are enjoyed by walkers and joggers getting their workout while enjoying the awesome view. The bike paths on Sanibel provide a pleasant experience. Using the bike paths make errand running and quick trips to the library not just a pleasure, but a calorie burner as well. Many Ocean’s Reach owners and guests participate in exercise classes and water aerobics at the Sanibel Rec Center. Long time Ocean’s Reach guest, Dick Owens can be found most mornings pumping iron and working on the cardio equipment. He starts each day at the Rec Center and his hour long workout keeps him in shape for 18 holes of golf and burning the calories consumed from the evenings of sharing good wine and good food with many friends at Ocean’s Reach.

Sanibel exercise can be a fun thing to do, so let’s follow Dick’s example and share our daily routines!