Kayaking on Sanibel and the Blue Waterway Trail in Lee County.

Sanibel Kayaking

Take a look at owners Sam Bumgarner, Andy and Bill Kinsman and Andy, manager of Ocean’s Reach, as they prepare to kayak on and around Sanibel Island. For those who are unaware, in addition to the Gulf of Mexico, there are miles and miles of blue water trails to explore in the bay and bayous of Sanibel Island. The following pictures are in Dinkins Bayou and Clam Bayou. This was a weather perfect day, clear as a bell–not a cloud in the sky– and temperatures in the low 70’s!

The group left Ocean’s Reach at 3 p.m. by car,and arrived at Clam Bayou behind Auntie Agnes’ house by 3:30 p.m. and kayaked with their two Ocean’s Reach kayaks for over two hours. This is an incredible way to explore Sanibel and see areas unaccessible by car, foot or bike. It allows you to see some beautiful real estate property and natural habitats like you can’t imagine. It was amazingly quiet and peaceful as the kayakers paddled without noise, whimper or splashing. The only splashing was mullets jumping in and out of the water. What an amazing sight to see so close up. Osprey dove in and out of the water right in front of them also, while catching their dinner. After, they would soar back up in the air with a fish in their mouth big enough for dinner for two!

The outing was thoroughly enjoyed by the group, although Andy was a little sore following his upper body workout. But remember, Andy,this is so much better than being in an enclosed gymnasium pushing weights!