Our Trip Advisor Rating is WOW!

Sanibel Lodging
Thank you for making us #1!

It’s a WOW for us seeing our #1 rating on TripAdvisor for Sanibel lodging. We are really excited to receive that designation and encouraged by all the nice comments we are reading from our guests. What does that mean personally to each of us? For me, it provides a daily motivation to make sure each guest knows they are #1 at Ocean’s Reach. From the moment a contact is made to the conclusion of a stay, I want each of you to know how much you are appreciated and how much you deserve the best Ocean’s Reach offers. We are well aware of the saving, planning and waiting with high expectations for your vacation on the beach.

If you’d like to read a review from your fellow guests or start your career as a travel writer by writing a new review, follow this link. Please feel free to share your experiences for others to read. I encourage you also to share your comments with us at our online guest survey. Or blog on with me!

Recent guests, have you noticed our new online poll? Participate and view what your fellow guests are saying about their stay at Ocean’s Reach. It seems that “relaxing” is the most popular activity (or non-activity) of Ocean’s Reachers. No big surprise. We hear that everyday. It just shows how harried and busy our daily lives are—not to mention the ups and downs we encounter out of the blue that make us weary.

But, we are a little surprised at the breakout of “shelling” as a near tie with “relaxing”.

So now the concept of “relaxation” permeates our thinking as we make decisions about guest policies, resort activities and even how we design and furnish our condo interiors!

And shellers, we’re in the planning stages of a newly designated shelling station—the best, we hope, on the islands. Your polling response has resulted in a brand new partnership with Sanibel’s Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum.

So you shellers and relaxers (about 80% of our guests), email me with your ideas for making Ocean’s Reach the ultimate relaxation and shelling destination!

I looked at the temperatures across the country and for the first time in my history, Sanibel was even with all of you up north. It’s been 45 – 47 degrees the past few mornings. One day, it did not get above 70 degrees. But I’m not moaning as the best part about Sanibel weather is that the sun is sure to shine. And the next best part is seeing Andy and Charlie all dressed up in their long pants (what are dungarees?) and winter, wool sweaters. It is as if they long for just one day to dress up in their boyhood wooly wear.

So the next time I get a call from someone up north asking me, “How’s your weather down there?” I’ll tell them whether Andy has his shorts on or not.