A License (Plate) To Love

Bill Kinsman and his family would like to share with all a very true and beautiful love story that began at Ocean’s Reach.

The Marriage That Resulted From Our License Plate.

Bill Kinsman    March 4, 2009,

Some ten years ago, about Valentine’s Day, 1999, we used to park our car right across from the Office at Ocean’s Reach. This is a story about our license plate, or actually the frame or surround around our license plate, which anyone could see as they walked toward the Ocean’s Reach office.  It was a young nurse from Boston, Diane Lauer, who took special note of our license plate. The frame read, “Friendly Motors, Penn Yan, NY.” Now Penn Yan is an interesting name. It is not Chinese. It was created when a group of area farmers, who referred to themselves as Pennsylvania Yankees, named their town “Penn Yan.”

Getting back to our young friend, Diane Lauer, it seems that Diane had been brought up in Penn Yan. Not too many people are. Diane got quite curious as to who might be here from Penn Yan. Finally she ran into my sister, Mary Monroe, at our swimming pool. Mary and Diane talked about Penn Yan for some time, because Mary had always spent her summers in the Penn Yan area. Diane impressed Mary most favorably. Finally Mary asked if she might send Diane’s Email address to her unmarried son, Robert Monroe, who lived in Washington. Diane said, “Certainly,” and eventually Rob did Email Diane, and messages went back and forth, and photos went back and forth, and they met and became engaged. Rob asked his employer for a transfer from Washington to Boston. The transfer was arranged.

We attended their beautiful wedding in a pretty garden in Concord, MA, on June 24, 2000. I can still picture the newlyweds cutting their wedding cake. The tiered layer cake was covered with white frosting, decorated with strawberries and blueberries and raspberries!

Diane and Rob are such a nice couple! We thank Ocean’s Reach for helping them find each other, and for finding us such a wonderful niece.


Diane and Rob Monroe