The Last Flight

In the summer of 2008 we installed an Osprey nest by the pond at Ocean’s Reach. It did not take long before several Osprey were seen flying overhead in an aerial display reminiscent of a WW 1 dog fight. The winning pair settled in, and for the past three winters have raised successfully two young Osprey each year to the delight of winter and spring guests. This past winter around February 12 to the 15th at least three young Osprey were born. Two survived. This past Wednesday, April 7th, a strong thunder storm descended upon Ocean’s Reach in the early afternoon. The older of the two siblings was able to fly. The youngest thought she could, however she was blown to the ground. John and Dru, after looking out the office window and seeing a surprise bird visitor sitting on the ground and walking across Camino del Mar immediately called CROW. ( Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife). A volunteer from CROW quickly came to the rescue and transported her to the CROW hospital for animals on Sanibel.
We were anxious to get a report and our many guests were concerned about her rehabilitation. When we called for an update, we were told there were over 400 patients at the clinic and there was no update. However, the next morning early, we did get a call which informed us that despite a good day and a half in the hospital, our osprey succumbed in the middle of the night. She probably had internal injuries that we were all unaware of. It was a sad morning at Ocean’s Reach. We were really rallying behind this little girl…..