Guest Photos – Day 3

This is a picture of my husband, He is not a beach kind of guy! I love the ocean, and if it were up to me I would live on a Beach. I always say that if I ever win the lottery, bye-bye, I’m moving to Sanibel! It is heaven on earth. My husband was so taken by all of the sea life. It is amazing, how you feel to actually look at the sea life close up. My husband has only experienced sea life on TV, so this was amazing to actually find this many starfish below your feet in a 10 minute time period. If only they would have been dead, and we could have kept them. But, we have the pictures to show. This picture has actually inspired a friend of ours who is a surgeon, to bring his family for a visit in August. When they saw this picture they were in disbelief. Now my husband insists, the only beach he will ever go to is Sanibel!

Nicole Mantooth

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