Ave Maria Golfing at the "Golf Club at Del Webb"

A day of golfing was planned and the destination was Ave Maria in Naples, FL. This is a wonderful area where not only is golf available, but touring the town is very interesting. The Oratory in the center of town was very enjoyable. This building was constructed from a design that was inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Lunch was enjoyed at Queen Mary’s Pub and browsing in a nearby shop proved fruitful. All of this was very easily within walking distance. The golf course was a five minute drive from the center of town and has been rated as one of the top 50 lady friendly courses in the United States. It was a wonderful day to play golf and a good time was had. The day was topped off with dinner at Randy’s Fish Market on our return trip to Ocean’s Reach.

The pictures shown are of Ava Maria, and also of Ocean’s Reach owners, Dick and Louise and Sam and Ann.

Ann Bumgarner