Valerie's Oceans' Reach Photo Album – Part VI

Before we view the last of Valerie’s photos, Ocean’s Reach and all of the Sanibel Beach Blog readers would like to thank Valerie for sharing her memories of Ocean’s Reach on lovely Sanibel Island. Many thanks, Valerie!

Osprey in nest in front of our place.

Jeff and Meg before our hike. We had to find something to do between check-out and our plane departure.

Is this a “family” of turtles?

Yikes! Good thing Jeff walked ahead of Meg & Valerie!

Jeff is thinking the alligator will just go away so we can continue our hike! Meg & Valerie aren’t waiting around!

No more condo. We actually had to go out to eat lunch! Meg & Jeff enjoying the last day.

Valerie, the amateur photographer. Sanibel truly is the reason for such nice photos!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to Ocean’s Reach for making this a great “mini” vacation!

Peace, faith and hope,

Valerie Schmarje