Keep a Little Distance From Sanibel Walking Sticks

Good morning,

As requested here is my photo of my morning metal detecting finds. Most interesting is the Mercedes Benz 500SL hot wheels car, the silver bead, and the little sliver heart with “Love” on it. The $2.44 will go towards donuts or batteries, whichever is required first! Who would wean their child on a Mercedes Benz hot wheels car? Why develop such expensive tastes so early in life? If you have any familiarity with Casa Ybel, tell me what the large blue coin next the car is used for. I think it might be worth a drink at their bar? I found about a dozen beer cans as well, but they weren’t included in the photo.

I also found a nice Florida walking stick this morning near the shell washing station. I noticed that two white dots starting appearing next to its thorax when I collected her. She was trying to spray me with a white substance that can spray about a foot from the creature to poison attackers. Andy reports they might be harmful to humans… and he is right. The poison they can spray can cause great pain in your eyes for up to 5 days and might require a doctor’s visit. At 30 degrees the muscles that make this work just didn’t this morning… thank goodness. Here is a picture and an article if you are curious. I will experiment with some Plexiglas to shield me the next time I find one.

-Andy (4D1)