Poetry in Motion

Bob Paulson, a regular winter guest, started his kite flying right here on the beaches at Ocean’s Reach 12 years ago. He uses a double line stunt kite. The double line is more challenging and more engaging than a single line and it provides the ability for better control and the opportunity for doing more maneuvers. Frequently while flying his kites, Bob will draw interested on lookers who watch in amazement as he performs various feats. He is always more than willing to answer questions and explain the workings of the kite. He is “poetry in motion” while engaged in his hobby.

According to Bob, “The beach here is an ideal place to fly stunt kites. Stunt kites have 2 or 4 lines for greater control. The winds here are often steady and at a good speed for kites. That lets the stunt kite flier turn slow graceful loops or quick tight turns. It’s a lot of fun to do and people seem to enjoy watching”.